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Background Information
The town of Zurich is the largest city and economic centre of Switzerland and has a population of 367’000 on an area of 92 km2. With the outlying suburban communities, the metropolitan area counts around 1 Mio. people. The town is located at the end of the lake of Zurich in a val-ley surrounded by hill-chains. The origins lie in a roman garrison called “Turicum” built around 15 BC, which was soon surrounded by a small settlement, developing to the Zurich we know today during the following centuries.
Today the road network has a total length of about 800 km, 180 km main roads and highways included. Although Zurich has an excellent public transport system, which is used by approx. 258’000 people a workday, nevertheless many still drive into and out of Zurich with their cars (130’000 cars/workday into – 50’000 cars/workday out of town). This leads to 1’600 Mio. km driven per year, with a yearly increase of about 1%.

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