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Background Information

Mulhouse is the 26th largest city in France and the second largest in the Alsace region after Strasbourg with a population of around 240,000. Mulhouse is a city in eastern France, close to the Swiss and German borders.
The first written records of Mulhouse date from the twelfth century. The city joined the Swiss Confederation as an associate in 1515 until, after a vote by its citizens, it became a part of France during the Directory period of the French Revolution.

The town's development was stimulated first by the expansion of the textile and tanning industry, and subsequently by chemical and engineering industries from the mid 18th century. The industrial past built Mulhouse identity.
Today, numerous industries remain (Automobile industry – Peugeot's Mulhouse factory is the largest employer in Alsace, Chemical industry (ICMD), Electronics – Clemessy, Engineering - SACM – Wärsitlä) and Museum (Museum of Printed Textiles, French National Railway Museum, National Automobile Museum – Schlumpf collection).

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