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View of Brno city.

Background Information
The Statutory City of Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic, the capital of Moravia and the centre of the South Moravian region. It covers an area of 230 km2. Its population is 405,000.

The city is quite hilly- above sea level of 190- 479 m a.s.l., the average above sea level is set at 227 m. a.s.l.

The city is a centre of science, research and innovation, a seat of universities and important judiciary institutions. In the area of industrial production engineering and electrical engineering are prevailing, chemistry, pharmacy and textile and food industry are less represented. It is located at an important crossroads of transit corridors of road and railway transport. The central part of the city, the corridor of the small and big ring roads and some other roads in the city have a high intensity of traffic load- up to 48,000 vehicles/day. The air traffic at the international airport in Brno- Tuřany develops, too.

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